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Friday, December 02, 2011

The Grover

I never knew Muppets had so much power!

The Grover has spoken. A tax increase on millions of Americans is not actually a tax increase because the Social Security Tax Holiday is temporary and will expire without Congressional action to extend it.

But, The Grover does not apply the same logic to every temporary tax cut with an expiration date. As a demigod who makes the rule, The Grover can also break them. In a complete flip-flop, The Grover has also ruled that letting the temporary Bush Tax cuts for the top 1% expire in January 2013 would be increasing taxes. Strange are the ways of The Grover and one should never expect consistency from a conservative grifter demigod.

I think equating Norquist to a Muppet is appropriate, as his ideas and pronouncements appeal to the toddler-level intellect of most conservative politicians. No, scratch that. My two-year old has a greater intellect than most conservative politicians.

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