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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Market

Due to unforeseen circumstances with my family (don't worry, everything is OK) I found myself in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley over the weekend. I had some time to myself, and decided to visit the New Market battlefield, which is unfortunately neatly bisected by Interstate 81. The 1864 battle is famous for the participation of VMI's Cadets on the Confederate side. The cadets played a pivotal role in the battle, filling a hole in the rebel line, and capturing a federal cannon. Ten cadets of the more than 250 on the field were killed or died from their wounds. The battle is also famous for the so called "Field of Lost Shoes." The Bushong farm, where the battle was fought, was a muddy quagmire after several days of rain, and many of the cadets lost their shoes in the mud as they charged the Federal line. It was the last battle the south would win in the valley.

This monument is the only large marker on the field, although there are some smaller stones placed about. It was dedicated to the men of the 54th PA.

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