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Monday, July 11, 2011

Raid Jackets

Corbett's choice for Secretary of Health sounds like a real winner.

Eli N. Avila, Gov. Tom Corbett's secretary of health, has ordered up new blue windbreakers on the taxpayers' dime, with Department of Health emblazoned on the front and back. The windbreakers, for Dr. Avila and his executive staff, also display the state seal on a retractable flap.

The cost of these windbreakers isn't all that much, just a few hundred dollars, but you gotta wonder why on earth Avila would order up these things when Harrisburg is saying "Everyone must suffer, unless you're a gas driller." I alos have to wonder what the heck the health department would need what is commonly known as a "raid jacket?"

The answer may be found further in the P-G's story.

Dr. Avila also dipped into his own pocket this year to have a badge made for himself, with Secretary of Health around the state seal -- until Mr. Corbett's office nixed this idea.

Aha!! He's a wannabe!

But wait, there's more!

In May, his actions became fodder for watercooler talk after The Inquirer and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported the argument with the diner owner over the freshness of the eggs in his egg sandwich.

Weeks after the argument, a city health inspector descended on the diner at Dr. Avila's request. The health secretary later issued a statement saying he had felt a duty to report what he believed were unsanitary cooking conditions.

So he's also a pushy jerk who uses the authority of his office to enact revenge on those who he feels wronged him.

Time to give this guy his walking papers.

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