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Saturday, June 04, 2011

A Win For The Little Guy

More like this please.

Two burly Collier County sheriff’s deputies and a homeowner’s attorney strode into the Bank of America branch on Davis Boulevard in Naples with a court order and an ultimatum for Manager Erich Fahrner.

Fahrner’s choice: Write out a check for $2,534 in attorney’s fees for the couple wrongfully slapped with a foreclosure lawsuit by the bank, or a William C. Hoff Storage moving crew waiting outside would start hauling out furniture to be sold at public auction.

“I’m leaving the building with either cash, a check or a whole lot of furniture,” attorney Todd Allen said just before walking in.

Its unfortunate that this couple had to take this step to force BoA to do what a court ordered them to do in the first place.

Via gyma at Spork's.

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