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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Shouldn't Be An Issue

I'm not a fan of Mittens, but really, his personal religious beliefs shouldn't be an issue or a barrier to him holding elective office, as long as he doesn't use the office to attempt to force his particular religious views on others. I find the conclusions from this poll disheartening.

The nationwide survey asked voters to rate their comfort levels with the faiths of presidential candidates: Eighty-three percent said they were entirely or somewhat comfortable with Roman Catholics, 80 percent with Jews, 67 percent with evangelical Christians and 60 percent with Mormons.

But 36 percent said they were uncomfortable with Mormons. Only atheists and Muslims drew higher discomfort ratings.

It shouldn't matter that Romney is a Mormon. It shouldn't matter if he were a Christian, Jew, Moslem, atheist, Hindu, Odinist, or Wiccan. The Constitution forbids religious tests for holding office.

UPDATE: What Oliver Said.

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