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Thursday, June 09, 2011

On Being A Dick

I'm in a flame war on Facebook concerning this issue. In a nutshell, a young woman graduated early from North Allegheny school district, joined the Marines, and completed boot camp. She wants to walk across the stage in her dress blues to accept her diploma. On a personal note, I have no problem with this. Unfortunatly, N.A. has a policy: Caps and gowns ONLY. She decided to make an issue of it, and Marty Griffin ( a guy who is lucky to have a broadcasting job based on his past record of costing his previous employers millions of dollars due to his shoddy reporting) went and ran with it. As a result, N.A. decided to make an exception, and the young woman will be allowed to walk across the stage in her dress blues. I have no problem with that, BUT, because the school board made under pressure, an exemption, then they must entertain and allow ALL exemptions. If a student wishes to get their diploma dressed as The Hulk, the District must now allow it, or face the envitiable lawsuit.

UPDATE: Aaaaannnddd...after all the drama on the radio, back and forths on social networking, and comments on websites...she's decided to go with the cap and gown.

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