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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dems Take NY-26

Republicans won big in November in large part to running a misleading campaign charging that Democrats were going to "gut medicare." Once back in power, House Republicans are now proposing to "gut Medicare." Look what got them.

The results set off elation among Democrats and soul-searching among Republicans, who questioned whether they should rethink their party’s commitment to the Medicare plan, which appears to have become a liability heading into the 2012 elections.
Two months ago, the Democrat,
Kathy Hochul, was considered an all-but-certain loser in the race against the Republican, Jane Corwin. But Ms. Hochul seized on the Republican’s embrace of the proposal from Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin, to overhaul Medicare, and she never let up.
On Tuesday, she captured 47 percent of the vote to Ms. Corwin’s 43 percent, according to unofficial results. A
Tea Party candidate, Jack Davis, had 9 percent.

Touch that third rail and you're going to get hurt. I doubt the Republicans will learn the lesson, they've been trying to destroy Medicare and Social Security for decades. The question is, will the Democrats learn the lesson and start defending our signature programs and stop going into debates from the compromise position? Just start hammering at them, its a winning formula.

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