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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This man is in violation of the law.

Baldwin Borough resident Carl Behr informed borough council at its meeting Tuesday night that he would not remove a 24-foot illuminated cross from his property as he had been instructed to do.

Mr. Behr received a letter from the borough Monday, following a neighbor's complaint, stating the cross was not in compliance with borough code and must come down within five days.

Mr. Behr said the cross, which is nailed to a tree on his property at 1210 Robbins St., is "about the Lord." Those who want it removed, he said, are against God.

Look you sanctimonous nitwit, no one is saying that you cannot erect a religious symbol on your property. You CAN, so long as it is in compliance with the zoning regulations, which are there to protect you as well as your neighbors. I suppose you'd have an objection if someone erected, oh I don't know, a porno shop next door in violation of the zoning regulations, no?

Criminality in the name of Jesus is A-OK with some people, I guess.

WTAE has more:

Borough Manager John Barrett said Behr can apply for a permit for the cross, but it won't likely be granted. He says the cross won't meet several size and placement requirements.

"We'll continue to issue citations and then ultimately it will be heard by a magistrate and then by a judge," said Barrett.

Behr said the giant cross is an act of faith, but one neighbor claims it's an act of revenge.

Next-door neighbor Lisa Fera said she contacted police and the borough because she felt Behr purposely built the large cross facing her home.

"I'm not looking to be a bad neighbor," said Fera. "I believe in God. I believe in being Christian. But if you are truly Christian, then you would be supporting and respecting your neighborhood."

Behr runs a contracting company out of his house, and Fera claims he frequently violated zoning regulations by parking construction vehicles in front of her house. Fera claims every time she went to police to complain, Behr built a new cross, each one bigger than the last.

"I'm a single mom. I'm a woman. I don't have anyone here as a husband to support me. I feel that this a direct intimidation of me, that each time you call the police or do something, a cross goes up," said Fera.

"I'm measuring my faith to the Lord, that's basically all I'm doing," said Behr. "I don't care what anyone else thinks."

Sounds more like your measuring the degree of jagoff you are.

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