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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fayette County Loses Out

Looks like Fayette County will not be getting a new state prison that would have generated 700 jobs.

German Township Supervisor Dan Shimshock spent years coordinating community meetings, doing cost analysis and planning to move forward with construction for a proposed state prison in Fayette County -- a project that energized local residents with the promise of almost 700 new jobs for the economically strapped area.

But last week, when the administration of Gov. Tom Corbett canceled the $200 million prison project, Mr. Shimshock said he wasn't notified.

"It's just a shame that all this time and effort was spent on a project of this size ... and then to really never have the decency to call and tell us that it is not coming," said Mr. Shimshock, who learned of the cancellation from a reporter's text message.

2010 election results for Fayette County:

Corbett, Tom (R) 18,994 55.7%
Onorato, Dan (D) 15, 106 44.3%

Just pointing that out.

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