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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And Anotherone

More Harrisburg corruption.

Senate Pro Tem Joe Scarnati isn't the only lawmaker to let Consol Energy Inc. pay his way to the Super Bowl.

State Sen. Tim Solobay, D-Canonsburg, confirmed today that Consol provided him a hotel room and travel in a company plane to the Super Bowl in Arlington, Texas, where the Steelers lost to the Green Bay Packers on Feb. 6.

After two days of dodging phone calls and visits from Capitol reporters, Mr. Solobay today issued a written statement through his secretary.

The secretary also relayed a message from Mr. Solobay, saying that "after the costs are calculated by Consol, he will be addressing it."

Mr. Solobay would not explain whether that means he will repay Consol.

Just because its legal, it doesn't make it right.

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