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Friday, January 14, 2011

'Tis The Climate

More threats.

Federal prosecutors in Seattle described statements left by Habermann in two Dec. 9 phone calls as an "expletive-laden" effort to influence McDermott's vote on tax policy. According to charging documents, Habermann to have threatened to kill McDermott's friends and family, then, in the second call, threatened to put McDermott "in the trash."
Contacted by the investigators the day after the messages were left, Habermann allegedly admitted to threatening McDermott and an congresswoman not identified in court documents.
"He said he was trying to scare them before they spent money that didn't belong to them," FBI Special Agent Dean Giboney told the court.
"Habermann stated that he never had any intention of hurting anyone," the agent continued, "and that he had too much to lose -- referring to his $3 million trust fund -- to ever do anything which could get him sent to prison."

Trust fund? He threatened a congressman because he was worried about taxes on his three million dollar trust fund? That bum should try getting a job and actually working for a living.

Federal prosecutors contend Habermann was investigated in March after making similar threats against a member of the California State Assembly.
In that instance, Habermann was escorted from the assembly member's office.
"During the meeting Habermann began ranting about the current federal health care bill and how Habermann was 'very well off' and did not want to support immigrants and Latinos,"

And a bigot to boot!

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