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Friday, January 28, 2011

Bring On The Crazy!

Pennsylvania has famously be described as Philadelphia on one end, Pittsburgh on the other, and Alabama in the middle. More proof of that from the same area that brought you Kitzmiller v. Dover!

Tom Ritter, who taught physics and chemistry for over a decade, has filed a federal lawsuit against The Blue Mountain School District in the Middle District of Pennsylvania (13:11 – CV – 116), where he resides. This same district that rendered the infamous Kitzmiller decision in 2005. The argument presented in full:Evolution is Unscientific.

You can read the rest of it, but its a whole bunch of crazy.

Loved this line:

Atheism is a religion. And it is illegal to teach religion in the public schools.(I am not defending creationism or intelligent design. But evolution has not proven its case, and until it does, saying it is the only explanation for present life is Atheism.)

Erm, no. Atheism isn't a religion. It is just the position that there are no gods. Period, full stop. Regardless, atheism as a position has nothing to say one way or another about evolution by natural selection, although its a pretty good bet that the vast majority of atheists accept the theory. Saying that "evolution has not proven its case" is also a silly statement. If you want to "disprove" evolution via natural selection, simply propose a hypothesis that offers a better explanation for what we see in nature and the fossil record.

My guess is that this lawsuit will quickly be laughed out of court.

UPDATE: The actual complaint! (its even funnier than the abstract)

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