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Friday, December 31, 2010

Legal Costs

It appears there is a sheriff in Florida who doesn't understand the basics of the Constitution.

Atheists of Florida Inc. intends to file suit against the Polk County Sheriff's Office over its donation of jailhouse basketball goals to churches, the nonprofit's legal coordinator said Thursday.

The equipment belongs to the taxpayers, and donating them to churches clashes with the 1st Amendment, hence the lawsuit.

Judd seemed to relish the opportunity to tangle with the group over the issue, and said a Lakeland law firm -- Valenti Campbell Trohn Tamayo & Aranda -- has offered the Sheriff's Office free representation.
"They have no idea how much I look forward to their silliness," Judd told reporters.

Silliness? Asking someone to obey the law is silly? I'll tell you what's silly. Removing the basketball hoops from the jail in the first place because you don't think the people locked up there deserve recreational opportunities.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd is known for his no nonsense approach to crime. Once again, he is laying down the law -- this time, in the Polk County jail.
He says from now on, there will be no more playing around there. Judd is removing the inmate’s basketball hoops.
"It just bothered me that people would drive by and say, 'I'm working hard, and the guys are sitting in the county jail playing basketball,'" Judd told FOX 13 on Thursday. "Well, no basketball, no more."

Which people said that? Remember, this is a jail, not a prison. The people incarcerated in jails generally are serving terms of under one year or are being held for trial, you know, the innocent until proven guilty types who are there because they've been accused of a crime, and cannot afford bail.

I'm not surprised though. This sheriff seems to be setting himself up as the next Joe Arpaio, doing things in an attempt to get the media's bright lights shining upon him. He's the fellow who create a fanfare for arresting this guy, and as appalling as Greaves book is, I'm pretty sure its protected under the First Amendment as it doesn't depict illegal acts. If Polk County succeeds in convicting Greaves, you could theoretically arrest and charge William Pierce (yes, I know he's dead, and can't be charged, that's not the point) or Tom Clancy for writing "how to books" for terrorists.

Well, perhaps the taxpayers of Polk County will enjoy paying the legal costs of this fiasco, but then again, perhaps they wont.

Via Friendly Atheist.


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