Terror Alert Level

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Why is the media's default story that this was a missile launch? The only images I've seen are from that sole traffic helicopter, and those images show no movement (other than camera movement) at the "head" of the plume. You would think that a missile launch that close to a major population center would produce thousands of witnesses at a minimum. And yet, we have but a single traffic helicopter.
It COULD very well have been a missile. However, until the camera zooms in, it appears to be very, very far away, and is backlit by the sun. Could this be nothing more than a rather spectacular aircraft contrail? Wouldn't a missile launch be picked up on commercial air radars?Lacking any other evidence, my money is on the mundane as the likely culprit.

UPDATE: Looking a lot like a mundane Hawaii to Phoenix regularly scheduled airline flight. But so-called serious "journalists" went with the mysterious missile launch angle.

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