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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Stupor Bowl!

Well, its almost here, and the thing that strikes me while watching the pre-game hoopla, is the relative LACK of Arizona fans in the crowds. What gives?

Anyway, if Arizona can keep it close, they might do it, but if the Stillers can build a decent lead, I think its all 'burgh.

Oh, and Phoenix's mayor and the Card's mascot (I think its name is Peckerhead) abusing the towel will bring the ghost of Myron into play!
UPDATE: Ummm..Who the heck is that fronting for Journey? It sure ain't Steve Perry!
UPDATE UPDATE: Looks like a freakin' home game!
MORE UPDATE: Ahhh, our National Anthem, because its all about Jennifer Hudson! Perfect example of why no one sings the Anthem at sporting events anymore, because no one knows what freakish twists some self-absorbed primadonna will inflict upon it!

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