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Friday, February 23, 2007

Recycling Day

With the current rates being paid for aluminum, I've been saving my beverage cans in a seperate trash container instead of putting them in the municiple recycling bin. Today I took two big bags of cans over to the scrapyard and was pleasently suprised to learn that the going rate is 75 cents per pound. Thirty-eight pounds of cans equaled $28.50 in my pocket.
On another recycling front, I learned through the newspaper about Abitibi Paper Retriever, which takes all kinds of paper, not just newspaper. So I put a plastic bin under my desk, and have been putting the junk mail and such there, instead of the trash can. The local Catholic Church has a Paper Retriever bin in the parking lot, and I've been taking my paper therefor recycling, instead of putting it in the trash where it winds up in a landfill somewhere.


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