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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bloggus Interruptus

Well, my venerable Sony 'puter bit the big one last night...yes, the Big Blue Screen error and fatal crash. It has ceased to be. So I'm banging this out on the spouse's machine, which I can't get to that often, so blogging will be suspended until the new box arrives. I'm getting a custom system shipped to me, and it will be at least 7 days before it arrives. So talk amongst yourselves, and I'll see you in late April or early May.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fungi Frustration

Well, I've read reports that the morels are up, so I decided to take a look after work today at some promising areas I scouted out. There's an old overgrown apple orchard that I know of, where the trees transition to a stand of tulip poplars. Both types of trees are known to host morels, and with the recent rains, I thought I'd have a good chance.

Well, two hours of beating the bushes yielded: One bracket fungus and two LBM's (little brown mushrooms). I just might be a week early. More rain today, I'll try again next Sunday.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009


Such a nice spring day today! Enjoy some nature! As always, clicky on the picture for a better view.

Not sure what kind of bird this was. A loon, perhaps?

A tree within a tree!

Curious and alert

Monday, April 13, 2009

Home Opener!!!

What a beautiful sight! The home opener in Pittsburgh and we snagged seats behind home plate in the club section!

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Nate McLouth picks up his Gold Glove as his parents look on.

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Pirates players helped collect money for the families of Pittsburgh's slain police officers. Here's pitcher Jeff Karstens at the Home Plate gate. You can contribute to the Pittsburgh Fallen Heroes Fund at the Greater Pittsburgh Police Federal Credit Union, 1338 Chartiers Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15220.

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Tribute to the City's fallen heroic police officers.

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Steve Blass tossed the ceremonial first pitch to his old battery mate, Manny Sanguillen! Blass has been with the Pirates for 50 years now. I have an old glove around here somewhere that Blass signed for me when I was in the third grade.

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Here come the choppers!

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Apache helicopter flyover following the National Anthem.

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And we're under way! Ball one.

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Morgan looks at ball one in the bottom of the first.

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It was Cheese Chester by a semolina grain during the pirogi race. Sadly, Jalapeno Hanna pulled up lame in the first turn and had to be put down.

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I was off getting a hotdog when Adam LaRoche hit his dinger in the third, but I did catch Doumit's smash to right in the eighth!

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We're not booing, we're shouting "DOOOOOOOOOOOOOK"

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Nice job! A complete game, four hit shutout for Zack Duke! Complete games used to be pretty common, not anymore. I'm suprised that Russell let Duke throw close to 120 pitches, especially once the one-hitter was gone in the 7th.

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Winning is fun!

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Friday, April 10, 2009

What Bag Am I In???

Nerds and Geeks Mourn

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