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Saturday, July 19, 2008

More Mushrooms!

We headed out to North Park Saturday to look for mushrooms with the WPMC. The main object of the hunt? Chanterelles! Unfortunatly, the weather's been quite dry, and the only chanterelles we found were quite small and not worth picking, although some people found a number of good sized ones. We did get a number of Old Man of the Woods, and a nice bagful of black trumpets, along with a few edible boletes. The day ended with a picnic in the grove. I believe the picture above is of a bitter bolete, which while not poisonous, is inedible due to its bitterness.

An Old Man of the Woods. These are edible. Some people like them, some people don't. I'll let you know after I cook it up. We found a number of these.

A red-pored bolete.

Some poison pigskin puffballs.

Here's the puffball cut open, note the black interior.

A fine example of an amanita.

Another view of the amanita.

We found quite a few indian pipes.

Despite the dry weather, we found enough mushrooms to keep the mycologists busy.

Let the sorting begin!

Mushrooms awaiting identification.

Piles of mushrooms! A lot of amanitas on this table.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hardware Wars Part 1

Ahhh, memories!

Hardware Wars Part 2

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Weekend Pet Blogging!

Mushroom Hunt!

We went hunting mushrooms with the WPMC in Deer Lakes park today, and though I wasn't really expecting to find chanterelles, we found LOTS!

This one appears to be an amanita. I left it alone, as the genus contains some of the most posionous mushrooms known..

A little cup mushroom growing on a twig.

An interesting little spider found along the way.

A cup mushroom.

Some sort of slime mold munching on an old log.

This was some sort of bolete. The flesh turned blue immediately upon bruising, so I don't think its one for eating.

Bright orange

More free food! We found lots of blackberries, and nice ripe wild cherries.

Free Food!

Not a bad haul for an hour and half in the woods! Might have to try some prepared this way!

Monday, July 07, 2008


On vacation this week, so posting might be haphazard. Enjoy a few shots from the At High Tide reenactment below!

Home for the weekend.

Nothing but pure, cold water in that cup!

Darrin is happy to be in XI Corps for the day!

Blurry infantry of the ridgeline

The Green Flag was out for the Wheatfield.

Waiting for the Rebs

Condemned? What's wrong with it? Kept the rain off just fine!

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